Aleja, a published poet, a PR and Marketing professional, and a fashion ​entrepreneur, is a first-gen Latina, a queer woman, a content creator, a ​spiritual- gangster, a lover of music and dance, a praiser of Mother Earth, and ​the eldest daughter of Mexican-migrant parents who have always embedded ​a strong sense of respect and passion for culture in her. From her poetry to ​her fashion label, leveraging her communities, which are intersectionally ​marginalized, is her ultimate motivator. It has served as the catalyst in her life ​and inspired her to found Morena Mia, a BIPOC fashion retailer, Urban Vqra, ​an ecletic clothing label inspired by BIPOC subcultures, co-found Ella Puede, ​a PR and Marketing Firm and Network for BIPOC women, and author Mujer ​De Color(es), a poetry and portrait collection highlighting her experience as a ​brown queer woman. Beyond her creativity, she is a leader and spokesperson ​for her community, often using her online platforms to raise awareness around ​LGBTQ+ rights, women's reproductive rights, immigration legislation, and ​racism. Aleja is unapologetically bold.

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