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Aleja, a Bilingual Communications Specialist, across various mediums, is a ​published poet, a PR and Marketing professional, a Media Correspondant, ​and a fashion entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience.

She is also a first- gen Queer Chicana based and raised in Riverside, CA. ​As eldest daughter of Mexican-migrant parents, she developed an ​incredible work ethic and a strong sense of respect for her culture from ​their model behavior.

From her poetry to her clothing brand, her mission is to become a voice of ​positive change for her communities. It has served as the catalyst in her ​life and inspired her to found Morena Mia, a Latina Lifestyle and Fashion ​Brand, launch Eclectix, a PR Agency and Network for Latine content ​creators, and author Mujer De Color(es), a poetry collection inspired by ​her upbringing.

Beyond her creativity, she is a leader and spokesperson for her ​community, often using her online platforms to raise awareness around ​LGBTQ+ rights, women's reproductive rights, immigration legislation, and ​education activism.



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